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The neat thing is that we do all this, successfully.
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On a recent project, we scanned 340 photos and placed them into a PowerPoint Presentation...all 120 megabytes!!
Then, we converted that to an Acrobat PDF file, using 6 photos per page. We made a custom cover in full color and sent this entire mess to our printer.
Oh yes, we added sound to the presentation...4 sound files converted from a Cd into a MP3 files...this was then bundled onto a CD with the PowerPoint viewer.
Yes, we used the 'AutoPlay' feature to make the CD self running and self installing on virtually all computers.

The final booklet is pretty slick and the accompanying CD contains everything in the book as well as the complete powerpoint presentation.

Makes a nice package for our church's 25th Anniversary!!

Think about this...wouldn't you like to do a school yearbook, a family reunion, a summary of a business outing? If so, contact me...I'll tell you how, or do it for you.



The Amazing Rex...
Just finished spending a day with master NLP practitioner and stage hypnotist...Rex Sikes.

All I can say is WOW.  This guy's got his 'xxx' together. He was able to explain many of the intricacies of using NLP for our preview presentations.  

Rex spent many years as an actor (true Hollywood type), before linking up with the NLP founder...Richard Bandler.  Richard and Rex worked in tandem for many years, before Rex began training NLP on his own.

We want to resurrect Rex's materials and create some special products suitable for Real Estate investors...you know, the stuff they need to get inside the seller's mind.

If you don't know what NLP is....better find out.  It's the internals of how we communicate. Imagine being able to spend hours and hours with the most successful communicators on the earth...only you're there to learn what makes their communications successful...write down what you've learned, organize it, teach it, demonstrate it, and now you're an NLP'er.
Remember the name Rex Sikes...you'll be hearing more about and from him.

RealBooks successfully produces all kinds of books and instructional materials. Most folks would call this material 'information marketing'.

How many times have you heard yourself say, "I wish I knew how to do that...I know I could make a lot of money!"

RealBooks will show you how to realize those dreams.  We master the topics that make folks rich. Then we share that knowledge with you.

You may have heard of Napolean Hill...the genius that was commissioned to find out the common characteristics of successful people.
He found 16 common characteristics of all all successful folks.
Here are the top 5

  1. Burning desire to succeed

  2. Decisive

  3. Disciplined

  4. Specific Knowledge of the topic

  5. Access to a mastermind team

The top 3 require your effort, but we furnish 4 and 5. Just give us a try.

Call 317.770.1000 That's my office number, so please be prudent with its use.

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A metaphor...

When I was young, I used to remember getting my Christmas presents and my birthday presents. You see, my birthday was only 5 days after Christmas.

So most of my relatives and friends had a hard time finding an appropriate present for my birthday.
I regularly got that universal present that is good for young or old, boy or girl...no it wasn't money.

You see, the manufacturers designed the perfect present. All they had to do was think what the boy or girl would imagine and then make a picture of it.
They would mount the picture onto a thick piece of cardboard and then cut the result into pieces...more pieces of older kids and adults...fewer pieces for little folks.
Yes, the universal present is a jigsaw puzzle.

I got scads of puzzles. For each one I would imagine being on the cover of the box and then I would attempt to assemble the puzzle. Typically, I would spend a couple of unsuccessful hours and then put the pieces back into the box and put the puzzle on the shelf with last year's puzzles.

I accumulated lots of puzzles.

Finally, when I was around 12 or 13, I decided to master the puzzles. I took out a favorite...it had a picture of a pretty lake and a fisherman in a boat. I examined the cover and visualized being on that lake. Then I began the assembly. After about an hour, I completed the puzzle!

Next, I got a watch with a sweep second hand and I began to time how long it took to put the puzzle together. I wrote my times on the back of the box...it seemed that I always finished quicker than before.

Then I had a great idea. I would take out 3 puzzles and work on each one separately for a few minutes, continually switching from puzzle to puzzle. This required that I quickly visualize the picture and identify where each piece went. My assembly times continued to go down.

One day, my mother observed me from the hallway...she couldn't believe my speed in puzzle assembly. She came up with a great idea. For her next bridge club meeting, she would put me on display.

When the special bridge club meeting was held at our apartment, my mom would dress up and bake a special kind of cinnamon roll...hmm, I can still smell that aroma. She put out our best dishes and even had me dress up in my Sunday sport coat. At the right time, she told all the ladies that she had a special treat for them in the kitchen.

When they all moved into our tiny kitchen, my Mom put her arm around me and announced, "Here's Bob, my son...Bob the Puzzleer. Wow, I was like one of the 3 Musketeers, only I didn't use a sword, I used my head to assemble puzzles.

Well, I assembled those 3 puzzles in record time...I used my skills to visualize each image, BUT I had another trick that helped me assemble those puzzles like a true Puzzleer...I

More later.


Bob's Latest Toy...
I've really got to show the latest ATV...
There are 2 of them now.
I ride every chance I get.



Well, what do you think???

Wouldn't you like to have a daughter like this?

For more info go to http://www.powerfulu.com

You see, Cary Strycker is a fantastic person that's really into solving problems.

She's got experience in NLP...that Neurolinguistic Programming...or the study of the way our brain works when communicating.

Then she developed a knack for Time Line Therapy...a technique that can erase some bad feelings, like anger.

And now, she's developing an intellect for Hypnotherapy.

As if that's not enough...she's a candidate for her PHD...

Hmm, quite an accomplished daughter and mother of two of my grandchildren... wouldn't you agree?


For information on Real Estate Investing...take a look at:


An interesting experience....

I just finished investing a few days with Jonathan Altfeld. He's someone that I now call a friend. He explained many of the useful language patterns, such as 'nominalizations', 'embedded commands', 'metaphors' and a host of other useful techniques.

Anyhow, he's a teacher and you can sure benefit from being exposed to his knowledge. He's friendly and is very willing to share his info.

Visit... http://www.altfeld .com

Tell Jonathan that Bob sent you!!

Yes, Bob is now a certified hypnotist...
amazing, but true.

To find out more about this field...


To learn how to become a hypnotist, visit:

http://www.omnihypnosis.com or

For advanced training


That's Jerry Kein and Bob Brenner in the front row!
They have a major reputation in the industry.

Just finished an involved course in DHE.
What's that...Design Human Engineering...kind of the way that folks can create an internal 'control panel'. The control panel allows them to construct internal sliders that will motivate them, or change their behaviours. Think about that...wouldn't you like to enhance your listening skills, become more self-motivated, more creative, sharpen your rapport skills???

Well you can. You simply have to understand what your mind does just before it normally encounters any of these actions. Then through a set of internal exercises, you can embed these steps in your mind and 'voila' you have installed a behaviour.

At least that's how I understand it works!!

Well, even if the explanation is faulty, the process is proven and it works.

The neatest part of the entire seminar was being able to spend more time with the genius, Dr. Richard Bandler.

For those of you that know me... imagine me listening for 7 days and not taking a single page of notes. Dr. Bandler speaks directly to your subconscious.

That part may seem incredulous...but I'll be glad to explain all the details of what I learned...all without having to really think too hard.

Sure wish I learned that process when in college, studying hard for my engineering degree.

The week long course was marred by the announcement of the death of Dr. Bandler's loving wife, Paula. For those of you wondering who Dr. Bandler is, he's the man behind the term NLP...Neuro Linguistic Programming.

For those that don't know what NLP is, it's the study of how we communicate and how we think.
Amazing stuff.

By the way...that's Dr. Richard Bandler in those pictures...the developer of NLP.



Obtain the benefit of graphology.

Handwriting is a very accurate way to understands someone's personality traits.

Handwriting Answers is an amazing service. We've been studying handwriting analysis for a couple of years. To date, we've analyzed over 1200 writing samples. This stuff works.

Like you, I was skeptical at first. But after looking into this field for a while and having my handwriting analyzed, I came to realize that there was no way that a perfect stranger could so accurately analyze my writing.

Anyhow, visit the site to the left...send in a sample if you want a quick analysis. It's great for finding out personality traits of someone who is important to you. Employees, your spouse or your next date...it doesn't matter. We can give you insight that can be very useful in strengthening your relationship with others.


Any Questions?

Forensic Document Examination...What's that?

We'll I'm now certifed as an FDE...That's a Forensic Document Examiner.
Forgery detection to the layman.

This is a pretty extensive learning process.

I'll keep you posted.


This stuff is amazingly accurate!

For a neat self storage site...take a look at: